Ask for references and check them carefully

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 Ask for references and check them carefully to be sure that other customers have been pleased with the quality of the company's work. Ask your insurance agent to recommend a good furniture restoration company. To do this take denatured alcohol or paint thinner and dampen a rough surfaced cloth with it. Rub the surface of the furniture with the cloth a little at a time to remove the soot. If it also suffered water damage from putting out the fire let it dry completely. When the furniture has been thoroughly dried it can be polished with bees wax using a soft lint free cloth. This should go a long way to restoring the furniture back to a usable condition. Hire the specialists if at all possible because they will be equipped to do the restoration better than the homeowner.If the furniture in a home that survives a fire it is likely to be both fire and smoke damaged. See that the company is licensed and insured. Remove the furniture from the fire damaged house. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no complaints about the company. After removing the soot using the method described above the areas that have been scorched need to be dealt with. If the furniture has been badly scorched it is better to discard it and buy new furniture. If the furniture had only suffered from soot damage this should have restored it. Furniture that is soot and fire damaged needs to have more work done to it. When fire has damaged your home and belongings report the fire to your homeowner's insurance agent right away to start a claim. Start by removing the soot from the furniture. Wipe the furniture down with a cloth dampened with paint thinner to remove ant dust and residue. Often homeowners assume that this furniture is not salvageable and they discard it. Dry the furniture with a clean dry cloth. Take sand paper and rub the scorched areas until the burn stains are gone. Many times it is possible to restore the furniture.

This will also be a speedier way to have the fire damaged furniture restored to its former beauty. If the fire damaged furniture is of value call a professional fire restoration company to do the restoration. Take pictures of all the damage and have the insurance agent come out to Patio Gazebos survey the damage as well. This is not always the case with fire and smoke damaged furniture. When the furniture is dry it can be refinished with polyurethane. If the furniture in question is valuable or has sentimental value there is hope that it can be salvaged. If your homeowners insurance covers the cost of restoring your most precious furniture then have a professional do this work as they will have the knowledge to do the job well. They should also be able to advise you as to how best to restore other pieces of furniture yourself. After all the soot is rubbed off, wipe the surface again with a clean wet cloth. They will know how to remove scorching, soot, and smoke smell from the valuable pieces. .



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